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* SSHelper is an ssh/sftp/scp/rsync server utility for ARM-powered devices running Android. * SSHelper is compatible with Android version 11 and later and is targeted for version 13. * SSHelper has been tested primarily on a Motorola Xoom and works as intended on various devices down to a 320×480 display size typical of small Android phones.
rsync is very slow during the first copy when everything is going across. It really loads the processor as well. But the good news is the second/subsequent runs are very fast if the incremental changes are just a small proportion of the total files.
Backup and restore your Android phone with ADB (and rsync) It will backup and restore all of your /sdcard directory and any other storage (e.g. an external SD Card) mounted within /storage except for emulated and self). Assuming you're using also something like Titanium Backup you'll be able to backup and restore all your apps, settings and data.