This guide is for the new comers on Evony. I will explain what level your Research has to be in your Academy, the attack level of your hero and what troops you need to send to the npc. First make sure you have researches on a balanced level. If the Research is not Ballanced you will lose troops if not all troops you sent to the npc’s.
I think Dyson and Tamsin's peace project was such a success and the fact that Trick as acting Ash immediately sided with Evony when Massimo took her humanity has made the elders a little less rigid." "Wonders will never cease." Dyson raised his beer. "The first step is a joint medical and research center.
Jul 31, 2013 · Starter Bot Script for New City (with research incomplete) Farming Level 10 NPCs for Food and Medals; Building a Troop Builder; Additional Links. Advanced Evony Guide; Deviant's NPC Guide; Evony Age 2 Battle Calculator; Evony State Map; Valley / NPC Attack Guide
One factor of Evony that's essential, yet frequently neglected, is the hero system. Owning a high-quality hero is a phenomenal way to elevate your city's production, make things faster, train units in less time, and gain an upper hand when attacking. Acquiring a leveled-up hero, however, does mandate a specific level of time.