44 special vs 45 colt recoil, Jul 03, 2010 · Charter arms still makes a .44 special, their guns are reliable and accurate and easy to carry concealed. I happen to have an old S&W with 2.5 inch barrel, a 3 inch Taurus, which is great BTW and a 3 inch .45 long colt which sucks for accuracy.
From a perspective of pure ballistic performance, .25 ACP isn’t an appreciably better or worse choice than .22 Long Rifle for 2 inch (51 millimeter) barreled pistols.
Factory ammunition As previously stated, all .45-70 ammunition produced by major U.S manufacturers is loaded to very safe pressures for use in antique arms. Remington, Winchester and Federal each produce 300 grain Jacketed hollow point loads which deliver between 1650fps and 1750fps in 22 to 24” sporting barrels.
Testing the 45 Colt Winchester PDX1 225 grain bonded hollow point thru four layers of denim (per IWBA protocol) into calibrated ballistic gel. Fired out of...